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10 Reasons Small Business Should Use Website Builders

Contrary to the opinion of many web design agencies out there, Yo! Web believe that Small Business would benefit more from getting a website built on one of the better website builder tools available today.

Many agencies would disagree, and you can understand why when they're charging thousands for bespoke hand crafted website development. But the fact of the matter is, small businesses can ill afford the costs involved and need something slick, affordable, future proof and easily managed.

Yo! Web would assess your business requirements and goals to identify and set you up on the the best platform to get your small business online fast. Once you're online we can focus on the real work of communicating your brand, generating visitors and converting them into paying customers

Website Builders: What are they?

An online website builder, also known as a website builder, an online CMS or a web builder, is a special kind of content management system (CMS).

They are tools that allow the construction of websites without any special programming skills or other technical knowledge, such as knowing how to install a CMS, apply a template or create a database.

Website Builders: Why Small Business Should Choose Them.

1) Cost

Obviously, the economies of scale kick in here, it stands to reason that something mass produced is going to be cheaper than something custom made. But dont confuse mass produced with not customisable. All of the top website builders have an incredible selection of stunning themes that come with a huge range of customisation features already built in.  And new themes are added all the time. Here's a selection of some of the best website builder themes.

2) Reliable

These website builders are run on vast global networks of servers in order to provide the hosting capacity for many thousands of websites. If one server falls over, another will take over. So there's never any downtime. Frustrations with your website availability is a thing of the past!

3) 24/7 Support

Website builders don't become the best without great customer support and a comprehensive knowledge base. Without this, their customers would exit in droves. Yo! Web can also be on hand to offer assistance whenever required.

4) Easy to Manage

When providing a service to a diverse range of customers it's imperative to offer a website building tool that is intuitive and easy to manage. Significant investment is dedicated to testing, evaluating and delivering an experience that is as simple as possible; Drag and Drop is the norm! Make it difficult and face the users backlash, and subsequent migration! 

5) Thoroughly Tested

Once again, users would speak with their feet. A tool riddled with bugs and problems would not be widely adopted. It is essential to have a continual cycle of feedback and release to ensure the platform stays relevant and functional. All website builders must seek to improve and evolve. With feature requests coming from thousands of users, you can expect your issue is already being worked on.

6) Optimised for Speed

Along with globally distributed highly optimised hosting, it is imperative that the best website builders are optimised for speed. Along with reducing file clutter they all adopt the best practices in image and file compression, to ensure that standards are met and web pages are served rapidly.

7) Google (& Bing) Friendly

All of the best website builder tools come completely optimised for SEO out of the box without you having to do anything at all. Pages are constructed in a semantic fashion, with all of the relevant SEO tags and sitemaps generated automatically. Google loves them, so you can be sure you'll be found in search.

8) Latest Features

Community demand for new features is endless. To keep abreast of current trends and advancements, dedicated teams are required to provide new and exciting functionality all the time. The platforms are constantly evolving, they simply cant afford to let the grass grow under their feet. Hop on board and enjoy the ride!

9) Optimised For All Devices

Website builder themes are guaranteed to work on any mobile device, adapting to the screen size automatically. All responsive views match the overall style of your website, so your content will look great on every device, every time.

10) Socially Connected

All website builders easily display social network profile links, letting your visitors follow you on every major network. They're also configured to allow your website visitors to share content and products without the need for additional services and plugins. Social sharing is key to small businesses extending their reach online.

Website Builders: Which Are The Best?

Providers vary widely in the quality and functionality offered. But here are a few Yo! Web would recommend. Admittedly some are only in beta right now, but we simply had to include them because they look extremely exciting prospects.


Yo! Web believe website builders are the future for small businesses online. This continually evolving arena of tools and features allows small businesses to adapt to their customer needs, patterns and behaviour and get ahead of the competition. All the while confident their website will be functional, affordable and up-to-date.

Convinced? Need to see more? Speak to Yo! Web about setting you up on a website builder platform perfect for your business.

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